Our Care Services

Consistent Care Services offers a wealth of personal and functional associated domestic services to meet the needs of dependent clients (“Service Users”). These may include older people, those with a disability and people who need assistance due to illness to continue living in their own homes and community. This will be achieved by promoting a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of Good Care practice that is witnessed and evaluated through the practice, conduct and control of quality care in the domestic environment. Consistent Care Service offers support and assistance with the following tasks:

⦁ Dressing and undressing
⦁ Bathing, washing, shaving and/or oral hygiene
⦁ Toilet and continence requirements
⦁ Manual handling
⦁ Eating and meals
⦁ Handling personal possessions and documents, helping clients with their personal affairs.
⦁ Administration of medication by qualified staff.
⦁ Into and out of bed
⦁ Personal hygiene, grooming
⦁ Health;
⦁ Food;
⦁ Housekeeping;
⦁ Social, leisure
⦁ Shopping Tasks
⦁ Light Domestic duties.
⦁ Catheter care – changing bags, monitoring output
⦁ Assistance with eye care
⦁ Ileostomy and colostomy care – changing bags.

Consistent Care Services employs an experienced staff team with a range of experience of working with people suffering from a variety of problems. We work to ensure the needs of our service users are met in a therapeutic manner. All of the team share a common special interest in caring for people who suffer enduring health needs. We recognise that for most Service Users the most important people in our organisation are the care and support workers with whom service users will have regular contact.

The Support Workers that Consistent Care Services employ are trained, supervised and supported by the Management Team; to provide a quality service to a wide range of people who need care and support whilst living in their own homes, ensuring that they are safeguarded.

Consistent Care Services invests in people's status and pays our staff fairly, above minimum wage. Travelling time and mileage are also paid for.

Consistent Care Services provides specialist training services, were early adopters of the ‘Care Certificate’ standard, and an induction programme for all new staff members. They also have a programme for progression. Our staff have a wide range of qualifications.

The Organisation shall retain a complete record of all qualifications, identifications, and experience gained for each staff member, whether full-time or part-time.
As a summary, support workers are required to have, at a minimum, the following qualifications in order for them to provide care services at your homes.

Details of Staff Training:

All staff are trained in the following, which ensure our legal responsibilities are met.
⦁ Safeguarding
⦁ Fire Safety
⦁ Moving and Handling
⦁ Health & Safety
⦁ Basic Food Hygiene
⦁ Emergency First Aid
⦁ Administration of Medication
⦁ Basic Infection Control
⦁ Abuse Awareness
⦁ Principles of Care
⦁ Service User’s Needs
⦁ Role of the Care Worker

And a Care Certificate with fifteen fundamental Standards; Outline of Programme:
⦁ Understanding Your Role
⦁ Your Personal Development
⦁ Duty of Care
⦁ Equality and Diversity
⦁ Person-Centred Care
⦁ Communication
⦁ Privacy and Dignity
⦁ Fluids and Nutrition
⦁ Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
⦁ Safeguarding Adults
⦁ Safeguarding Children
⦁ Basic Life Support
⦁ Health and Safety
⦁ Handling Information
⦁ Infection Prevention and Control

All care staff are expected to have achieved NVQ level 2 or NVQ level 3 if not they are given an opportunity to commence training in NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 in Social Care

Consistent Care Agency’s mission is to transform health recruitment by getting the right people into the right jobs, so staff are focused and motivated to improve quality of life for vulnerable people. All Staff are DBS checked, references and all necessary checks are acquired before they are placed for work

Consistent Care Agency’s mission is to transform health recruitment by getting the right people into the right jobs, so staff are focused and motivated to improve quality of life for vulnerable people. Consistent Care Services takes great care in recruiting, training and supervising our staff.

At Consistent Care Services, we believe that to offer high-quality service the company must have competent and skilled staff. A good selection process is important to employ committed individuals. All staff will have traceable references from previous employers, and a satisfactory DBS check. Every new member of staff will be put through an induction process which will involve attending basic classroom lectures on care. The induction will also include shadowing senior staff in the field before anyone is allocated Service Users on their own. All new staff recruited will be required to complete a Care Certificate within 6 weeks of employment and will then be placed on an NVQ (now Diploma) 2 or 3 course. There is a strict criterion for all staff and the level of competence they should achieve within a reasonable timescale in order to start working on their own.
To enable staff to support individuals to reach their full independence and have a good quality of life, we believe that the minimum standard of training our staff should receive is:

Care Workers:
• Care certification.
• The minimum standard of NVQ2.
• Understanding the nature of personal care.
• Knowledge of safe working practices – manual handling, infection control, safety at work, falls prevention, medicine handling, continence management, basic food hygiene, first aid, record keeping, effective communication and safeguarding.
• Maintaining dignity, respect and independence for Service Users
• Codes of conduct – confidentiality, non-discriminatory practice, medicines and finance.
Consistent Care Services do not believe in delivering a second-rate service to clients and strive to deliver optimum service through hard work, honesty and integrity. We strive to recruit the best staff in order to have the best reputation. All candidates are of an excellent calibre and are passionate about finding the right people for clients.

We focus on service users. We aim to provide a service that is driven by the needs and aspirations of our service users by listening to them.

Fitness of purpose. We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives through reviewing our service. We welcome the feedback from our service users and their representatives.
Comprehensiveness. We aim to provide a package of care, working with other Health and Social Care agencies, to meet the needs and preferences of our service users.
Meeting Assessed Needs. The care we provide is based on the thorough assessment of needs and the systematic and on-going planning of care for each service user, made in conjunction with care managers and other health care professionals.
Quality Services. We are committed to providing a quality service and continuous improvement of the care we provide.